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Symach Paint Mixing Room is a customized spacious and bright room with glass windows and doors. Equipped with electric plant which automatically manages air extractions for efficient work and technicians safety.

  • Symach Paint Mixing Room

  • Symach Paint Mixing Room

  • Symach Paint Mixing Room

  • Symach Paint Mixing Room

  • Symach Paint Mixing Room

  • Symach Paint Mixing Room

Symach Paint Mixing Room Added Values

Hood area unit in stainless steel for air extraction; located above the gun washing machine

Paint preparing area with wall extraction, gun rack, and table in stainless steel

PowerLED 6000 Kelvin for perfect colour match

Front side all in glass with windows and doors, reduce claustrophobic effect

Floor grid and pit to collect paint and dirt for constant cleanliness and safety

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Symach Paint Mixing Room includes:

  • 2 glass doors and 2 or 3 glass windows
  • 1 big table for preparing color and paint
  • Upto 9 PowerLED lights that guarantee perfect lighting
  • Electric plant that automatically manages air extractions, lights and electric power plugs
  • 2 extraction systems that work at the same time: the first extraction is a hood above the gun washing machine and the second extraction is a stainless steel box, with a grid installed in front of the table where the technician prepares the paint. 2 extractions merge into one duct for the final extraction.
  • grids on the floor with a metal box pit of 5 cm or 2 inches in depth to collect any paint spillage

Electric plant includes a power supply control that allows the functioning of the plugs inside the booth only after 5 complete cycles of air circulation (law requirement)

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