The paint mixing room to accommodate any length or width needed

The Paint Mixing Room is assembled using a modular panel system, called ModulBlock. This allows a PMR to be customized to accommodate any length or width needed.

A ModulBlock panel is: 1 meter (or 40 inches) in width and 3 meters (or 120 inches) in height. The panel is available in three versions: closed on both sides, a glass window and a glass door.

The Paint Mixing Room

  • two gun washing machines
  • two mixing color machines
  • one big table for preparing color and paint
  • Two extraction systems that work at the same time: the first extraction is a hood above the gun washing machine and the second extraction is a stainless steel box, with a grid installed in front of the table where the technician prepares the paint
  • Equipped with up to nine PowerLED lights that guarantee perfect lighting
  • Electric plant that automatically manages air extractions, lights and electric power plugs

12/14 square meters (130/140 square feet) which allows enough space for two technicians to work inside at the same time.

His standard configuration is 6/7 meters (or 20/23 feet) long and 2 meters (or 6.6 feet) wide. It has two glass doors and two or three glass windows, and has grids on the floor with a metal box pit of 5 cm or 2 inches in depth to collect any paint spillage.

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