The FixStation is truly a body shop in one box

How it works

Modern and innovative solution to ensure high productivity and fast delivery. For 1 or 2 panel repairs with the key-to-key time guaranteed in half a day.

FixStation is a hybrid solution that works as a spray booth and a workstation, all in one spot. This solution allows one multi-skilled technician to perform an average of three to four repairs per day without moving the vehicle, which results in one repair every two to three hours.

It is a fully equipped workstation where a technician removes and installs parts, pulls dents, applies body filler, sprays primer, and sprays and dries waterborne/solvent basecoat and clear coat.

Equipped with:

Vehicle lifts are commonly installed in FixStations but are optional.

FixStation can be installed without civil work; fully installed in one week.

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