Have to quickly and economically dry parts such as bumpers, bonnets, door panels and more ?

You need Symach’s Drybox!

Promotion until July 31, 2021 ! 

Symach DryBox €14’990 | GBP £12,900 + shipping

For a small space in your BodyShop, maximise extra booth cycles per day, without having to add a complete Spraybooth.

Do you need an economical, efficient and space-saving solution?

THE SOLUTION is Symach DryBox !

  • Dry in 15 minutes
  • Use only 0.8 m3 of gas (28 ft3), at a cost of 30 cents
  • Compact size: 4 X 2 m | h 3 mt
    … and you can install it yourself!

DryBox relieves bottlenecks at the spraybooth or prep-station, can add 2 paint cycles per day to the existing downdraft Spraybooth. With a small footprint, the DryBox can be easily installed.

Symach Drybox regular price is € 14,990 | GBP £ 18,050 + shipping

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DryBox Oven is the ideal solution for drying parts on stands, it is 4 x 2 meters or 13.12 x 6.56 feet, Uses Drytronic technology to dry paint and takes no more than 15 minutes to dry all loaded parts.

The walls and the floor inside the DryBox are made of a reflective metal sheeting that allows the radiant waves of the Drytronic panels (positioned in the ceiling) to reach all surface angles and dries perfectly in only 15 minutes.

The computerized DryBox allows the technician to select one of the drying programs or set the time and temperature to dry the parts. The oven works automatically with regard to the drying parameters selected.