Symach designs a new body shop using the following phases:

Data collection

Symach collects customer shop data

Calculation of number of stalls

Symach utilizes a software for the design of new body shops that calculates the needs of employees and bays for each phase of the repair process, avoiding any error in estimating these needs. This allows us to offer customers a tailored and guaranteed solution.


Preparation of Business Plan

Symach prepares the business plan for the new project, which encompasses the new cost of the reparation compared with the current customer cost. This allows the customer to know in advance the production capacity and the structure necessary to operate; the business plan is completed with the economic savings per year to measure the return on investment.


Creation of your virtual bodyshop

Symach’s engineers prepare the architectural project that includes equipment, pits, electric plant, gas plant, air compressed plant and ducts, and layout to show how the new bodyshop will look like in a 3D movie.

Production and installation of the equipment for the new bodyshop

Symach produces the equipments in its production site in Italy and provides directly to install them with its own 20 international installers.


Symach provides directly to train all the production staff on the Symach Paint Application Process (SPAP) and the managers on the  new process, implementing also a weekly report system. Symach trains and supports all of the operational, office and managerial staff until the customer achieves the goals set in the business plan